Mums share 2p hack to remove limescale and leave taps looking good as new

Limescale is a common problem faced by many taps, kettles, washing machines and sinks. Luckily, Mrs. Hinch fans are sharing a simple 2p hack that will remove limescale “in seconds”

Taps with limescale buildup are unsightly – you can get rid of them with a 2 pence coin

It’s so hard to keep up to date with all things cleaning. Ideally, we would all want sparkling taps, kettles, washing machines and sinks at all times, but cleaning is expensive and time-consuming.

Well, apologize no more for your boring faucets, because cleaning enthusiasts online have the perfect tricks for you!

Limestone is caused by minerals such as magnesium and calcium carbonate. These minerals enter the water as it naturally flows over soft, spongy rocks such as limestone or chalk.

When this water is left on surfaces, the liquid evaporates and leaves minerals behind, leaving an unsightly white buildup of limescale and residue on your surfaces.

Fans of the cleaning sensation Ms. Hinch explained how to remove that coarse scale buildup using a 2-hour coin.

Posting on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, a woman asked for advice on how to remove limescale from her kitchen taps after she had no luck using vinegar.

Nobody wants their faucets to look like this

One woman wrote: “May I ask if anyone has had success removing limescale from kitchen faucets? I tried white vinegar, but without success.

Limescale is one of the most frustrating cleaning challenges because it can be found anywhere water is regularly used, and it can build up quickly before people even have a chance to notice it.

Of the many comments, the most popular (and random!) solution that was suggested was to use a 2 pence coin.

Yes, you read that right – a 2p coin is apparently a small but mighty way to get rid of limescale!

One commenter said: “Gently rub with a damp 2 pence coin. It’s so easy and no chemicals are needed.

Someone suggested: “Try scrubbing with a 2 pence coin. It worked effectively on mine, the limescale crumbles in seconds.

Another advised: ‘I’ve been using a 2p coin on areas of lime build up on my taps and around the bathroom for five years now and haven’t had limescale problems anywhere now.’

Those frustrated with limescale can also use the 2p hack on toilet bowls to remove those gloomy brown limescale stains.

It is recommended to put on a pair of rubber gloves before getting to work.

Limestone is not pretty, but you can get rid of it easily

Other comments included: “A copper coin is amazing for removing any areas of limescale.”

“2 pence coin. Wet the coin and gently rub against the limestone.

Another added: ‘The best way I have found is to use a damp 2p coin and gently rub over the limescale areas. It works better than any chemical and costs nothing.

With this 2p coin hack, it’s essential to be careful not to rub too hard and damage the ceramic or porcelain – do it gently.

This hack can also be tried on other household items such as stovetops, old pans, showerheads, and even the kettle.

Another cheap hack suggested by Ms. Hinch fans was to use cola to get rid of limescale.

One said: ‘Fill a sandwich bag full of coke and tie it around the tap. Leave it overnight then use the Brillo pad.

Another commented: “The cola is good. Pour it into a plastic bag and tie it around the faucet. Leave overnight and there is a chemical reaction.

One enthusiastic reviewer suggested using both cola and coin. They wrote: “Add cola to a polythene bag, first place a rubber band over the tap and place the bag over the tap, making sure to cover it.

“Then pull the strip tightly over the bag and leave it overnight, scrape off any remaining limescale with a coin.”

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