What you see first in this optical illusion says a lot about your personality & reveals whether you’re a rebel at heart

A stunning optical illusion shows two different images that can reveal a lot about your personality – but it all depends on what you see first.

The two options shared on The Bright Side YouTube channel are a huge yellow-eyed fish or a ship.


This optical illusion says a lot about your personality – but it all depends on what you see firstCredit: YouTube

And according to the narrator, if you see the fish first, you “follow the rules and feel uncomfortable breaking one”.

“You prefer to stay out of trouble so you never try anything unconventional,” he continues.

You follow the majority and if something goes wrong you are relieved to share the fall with everyone.”

However, if you see a huge ship, you “never follow the crowd – even if it’s going the right way”.

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The narrator adds, “You are a rebel at heart and you believe the rules should be broken.”

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Many social media users were impressed with the illusion, with one person saying, “Thank you, this really helps me understand myself.”

A second enthused: “It all worked out and guessed almost everything about me! Hope you hit 41.7m soon.”

A third praised: “Yeah most of the things he said were correct about me. It actually works.”

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Meanwhile, a fourth added: ‘All of them were so accurate!

Another agreed: “Love it! So revealing.”

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