Elon Musk says Twitter’s legal team told him he violated NDA by revealing bot review sample size

Elon Musk says he got a call from Twitter lawyers warning him he was violating a nondisclosure agreement after revealing their process for vetting fake accounts

Elon Musk says Twitter’s legal team called him after revealing the company’s process for vetting fake accounts. On Friday, the Tesla founder said the company used a sample of 100 to determine that 5% of its accounts were either fake, spam or duplicate. The social media giant didn’t take the disclosure well, Musk said. ‘Twitter … Read more

Trump claims Musk WON’T buy Twitter and urges people to use Truth Social

Trump predicted Elon Musk won't buy Twitter at a rally in Austin, Texas on Saturday

Donald Trump predicted that Elon Musk won’t buy Twitter and urged people to flock to his own Truth Social social media platform. The former chairman said he doesn’t believe billionaire Tesla will follow through on the $44 billion takeover of the tech company. He claimed at a rally in Texas on Saturday that it was … Read more

Eurovision viewers demand ban on slow songs as show is overrun with downbeat performances

Slow night?  Viewers of the Eurovision Song Contest were appalled at the number of ballads in this year's contest (Marius Bear of Switzerland pictured)

Viewers of the Eurovision Song Contest were appalled at the number of ballads in this year’s contest. Portuguese actor Maro will take the stage in Turin, Italy on Saturday to sing a slow song, Saudade, Saudade, followed by Swiss Marius Bear who sang Boys Do Cry. A notable portion of the 25 finalists performing slow-tempo … Read more

Elon Musk quips about owning the libs after claiming to put Twitter deal on hold

Elon Musk joked that

Elon Musk has joked that “owning the libs” doesn’t come cheap after claiming he put his $44 billion acquisition of Twitter on hold. “Whoever thought owning the libs would be cheap never tried to acquire a social media company!” Musk tweeted on Saturday. He added: “At least that’s what the spirit of the lib thinks, … Read more

Dennis Waterman’s New Tricks co-star Amanda Redman is unable to speak on the TV star’s death

Dennis Waterman, whose acting and singing career spanned six decades, died aged 74

Dennis Waterman was a familiar face on British television for over six decades. From tough cop George Carter in The Sweeney to kind-hearted Detective Sergeant Gerry Standing in New Tricks, he was known for playing action-packed characters who had more than meets the eye. Not one to focus on a single role, Waterman was also … Read more

Elon Musk tweets ‘Love Me Tender’ as he hints about ‘hostile takeover’ of Twitter

Elon Musk (pictured last week) tweeted

Elon Musk tweeted “Love Me Tender” as he again hinted at the possibility of a hostile takeover of Twitter. The billionaire released the words of Elvis Presley over the weekend in a bid to entice shareholders with a takeover bid that could see him take control. A takeover bid would see him bypass the board … Read more

Elon responds ‘indeed’ to a tweet from saying ‘the game is rigged’ if Tesla CEO can’t buy Twitter

Must agree with would

The Tesla CEO agreed with a tweet saying “the game is rigged” if he can’t buy Twitter in an ongoing battle for the company. Elon Musk, 50, agreed with podcast platform entrepreneur David Sacks on Saturday that he would “indeed” be rigged if he couldn’t buy Twitter. Sacks had tweeted on Thursday: “If the game … Read more

Elon Musk highlights tweets from 2017 asking about the price of the social media giant 

Elon Musk highlights tweets from 2017 asking about the price of the social media giant 

The world’s richest man, Elon Musk, who launched a takeover bid on Twitter on Wednesday, reacted to a tweet himself from over four years ago in which he shared his passion for the social media platform . “I love Twitter,” Musk said in a December 2017 tweet. “How much does it cost?” he replied a … Read more